About Etia

Etia is a 24 year old ambitious creative. She is a freelance Animator, Illustrator, Designer and full time student. Etia studied Illustration and Design at Dawson College, graduating in 2016 and was runner up for ‘Best Illustrator’ at her graduation vernissage. Etia studied Animation for 2 years at Emily Carr University in Vancouver and is currently completing her degree at Concordia University in Montreal.

Etia currently works for Kashu Company as well as Sage Animation Studios. Etia is contributing to a film at the moment which will be released in the next few months on Netflix. Etia has worked for many small businesses and has collaborated with various artists including but not limited to; Lil' Pump’s security team and Lomepal.

In her earlier years, Etia was always known as ‘the artist’ and the creative girl in her classes. She received many awards once she graduated High School, including but not limited to; Student with the most potential and Best Artist. Etia aspires to stay in the animation field, working her way up to directing animated movies.